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I mentor individuals and leadership teams in building out strategy, product, and evidence-based design practices. I am experienced in working with leaders to creating scaling plans and translating visions into objectives and key results. Let me know what you're looking for and I will be in touch.

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I believe that positive human transformation is made through human-centered design thinking.

Intuition comes from observing the world and the people in it. Designers take into account people's motivations and behaviors and use them to create products that solve problems and meet needs.


I introduce and build human-centered design practices within companies and organizations.

I bring cross-functional teams together to build the necessary consensus to move a project forward and have led collaboration efforts for stakeholders from account managers to the executive teams of several companies, including Groupon, Stars Foundation, and Coursera. I led the design of two web applications from the ground up, including interaction design and research for the social gamer network and product and design for angel-backed startup, ParticipantFinder. I transformed the way Coursera approaches design, co-leading the first design sprints and bringing storytelling to the company. I led research and design sprints for two major redesigns of Coursera's learning platform. I advised VC backed fintech startup Levanto, building out an understanding of their user needs and crafting a product roadmap.


I mentor product managers, designers, researchers, and engineers in product ideation, innovation, storytelling, and design using a proven approach to building consensus, researching human needs, generating concepts, testing through prototypes and MVPs, and building out a strategy to build and launch.

I use and teach a structured, human-centered design practice. I am an energetic, influential speaker and team leader. I am trained in improvisation and storytelling, and I bring that intuition, creativity, and flexibility into the process to stay nimble when technology, business, and user needs change.

I love to create - through stories, presentations, wireframes, user flows, experience & journey maps, and prototypes.

I have a background in psychology, computer science, and human-computer interaction.

I also act in and create films, and I am learning how to play drums.

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