Product design @ Levanto

My role

  • Product designer

  • Head of Product & Design



Levanto is a white-glove financial service for people who need help managing their finances. They hired me to advise on product strategy and to design a client management web application.


Transform a service into a digital product. Onboard new clients, connect clients to financial managers, provide a single place for managers to communicate a financial overview to their clients, and a place for clients to easily understand their current financial picture.




We surveyed and interviewed current and potential clients to better understand the client goals and frustrations. We used the findings to create a prioritized list of jobs-to-be-done and developed a set of personas. 


We selected the two highest priority jobs to focus on for this project:

  • When I am stressed out about my finances, I want to connect to an authoritative, trustworthy adviser to get things organized so I can have peace of mind.

  • I want to know what my financial picture is at a glance, without having to spend a lot of time figuring out what all the numbers mean.



After conducting a detailed task analysis of the current hands-on onboarding process to understand the needs of the advisers, I created a digital version of an onboarding flow to make sure everyone was aligned.



A design studio-style sketching session produced several different directions for both jobs. Final direction came from the team, combining ideas from several sketches.



Getting people to provide financial information is tricky. A clean, high polish, modern design helps elicit trust.


Zero State

  • Post-account creation landing page with clear call to action to schedule a consultation

  • Displays information gathered during the onboarding flow, eliciting a sense that the client was heard


  • Embedding Calendly scheduling to reduce engineering costs


adviser assigned

  • Once an adviser is assigned, they appear and can be easily messaged

  • Goals are continually updated during the relationship

  • Financial overview updates once a month during check-ins



The card-style design is flexible enough for responsive web and mobile web, while setting up the application for future translation to native mobile devices.